You don’t wear suits. Sometimes you have to though, and you should own at least one for such situations.

On All Tied Up I try to avoid longish guides you can find on many other blogs. They’re there, they’re good, no need to repeat what they’ve already said. I do like to sum up a topic in a convenient form of an infographic though. Even if you don’t learn anything new from it, it is a handy resource to forward to someone who may not be as much of a menswear enthusiast as you are, but needs some basic info without going into too much detail.

This time the question of what should be your first – or only – suit. Sometimes you just have to wear a suit, and a grown up man should own at least one. If you wear it rarely, there’s a few things you can pay attention to in order to get a bit more use from it. I was inspired by this article on one of my favourite blogs, and compile this info into one simple infographic.

Illustrations by one and only Jon Leigh.