They’re coming back, and that really is a good thing.



This is another casual weekend outfit. Quite simple – white shirt, navy trousers, suede loafers. Very comfortable, and works so well during those last hot days of summer.


Let’s talk about those trousers. The fabric is navy linen – quite chunky too, but open weave, which makes it very breathable. Made for my by Benevento, they feature a quite high waist, side adjusters, and a single deep pleat.

This linen doesn’t hold the crease very well, and the knee area is prone to getting a bit deformed – but that’s linen for you.

For some this kind of cut may seem too old-school, but it just feel so good to wear! I think the waist is just in the right place – high enough to feel comfortable and keep the shirt tucked in, but not enough to distort the proportions of the legs and torso too much.


That latter point may be worth discussing further: I noticed how my own perception of high waisted trousers has changed over time. It took some getting used to, being exposed to this kind of cut. Most trousers you can buy in a shop sit very low on your hips – it’s uncommon to see something else. This is why it might seem jarring at first.

Fashion changes, and classic menswear is not completely separated from the fashion trends. If you wear something that goes completely in the opposite direction – it might look weird, no matter if it actually flatters your physique or not. If you see everybody wearing narrow flat fronts with low waist, the kind of silhouette they create will slowly become more and more natural to you, just by exposure.

It is not necessarily so if you’re already a person with a very well defined tastes and preferences towards cut. But most people aren’t. So your tastes may be perceived as somewhat off.



In general, this is undesirable. Unless you actually want to draw attention to your clothes, of course. But if you don’t, if you just want to be the well-dressed guy, and not the dandy guy or the guy who wears weird trousers, you may wonder how to avoid that.

A jacket helps, of course, makes the high waist less pronounced, and the whole silhouette more harmonious. You may decide on slightly lower waist, to get the best of both worlds: comfort and not-too-dandy look.

Or you may anxiously await the moment high waisted trousers are back en vogue, and wear them like everybody else.


Me, I’m somewhere in between. I like high waist in my trousers. I also like waistcoats, and they too look somewhat out of place these days. I’m just so reluctant to give them up. Maybe at some point I’ll decide to do that. I already find a good deal of pleasure in rather subtle things about menswear. But it’s not this time yet.


Shirt – Massimo Dutti // Trousers – // Loafers –

Photos: Mariusz Jeziorko (