Elegant clothes can be cool even if you’re not making a peacock out of yourself.

This is an obvious reference to Pitti Uomo. Its latest edition has just concluded. This most famous menswear event attracts crowds of men dressed well, very well and amazing – as well as those who are just utterly over the top. That’s the charm of looking at Pitti pics – you get to choose what you think works, what is new, interesting and fresh, and where to draw the line. You can see which non-orthodox solutions actually look good on people, which things that sound good in theory can actually be worn.


There’s roughly bazillion photos from Pitti 89 around the web, and sooner than later there’s going to be even more.

And then there’s me. I thought that now, when my facebook and instagram feeds are overrun with guys wearing colourful clothing, pacing around the florentine plaza, sitting on a florentine wall, walking down the florentine stairs – is the right time to show my pictures of an outfit that looks outright boring compared to all that.



Don’t treat this rambling of mine overly seriously. I’m not going to criticize the style of an event I haven’t been to, or the popularity of it. I look forward to more pictures, to be honest.

Ad rem, however. The outfit is relatively boring, colour-wise at least. Brown, gray, white. That’s all, folks.

The fabrics are nice though, and this is what makes me really happy about autumn-winter menswear. Those things are warm and soft, and they look warm and soft. Even this useless accessory, that’s there just to look pretty – the tie – is like this. It’s wool after all.



The trousers are a part of a suit, the rest of which is still in progress. I was wondering what else, besides the matching jacket, will they work with. And the navy blazer, obviously, because everything works with the navy blazer. I tried the gray jacket, in this light gray colour I’m particularly fond of lately. I’d gladly get myself a light gray flannel suit, if only I found some fabric like this in a decent price.


There’s also white shirt and dark brown brogues. These brighter spots on the tips are there on purpose – I played around with them a bit, removing the dye, and liked the effect.


I like this outfit, I like its boredom, how understated it is. It’s a kind of low-risk clothing, there’s no way you’ll leave home in it, and halfway through the day you’ll say: “no, this tie just doesn’t work”. Sometimes this is all you need.

Photos: S.B.